March 10th, 2011

How time flies.  Paige and Angel’s puppies are doing well and are now ready for their forever homes.  Check for their pictures on the ‘Puppies’ page.   Also, Taffie is expecting a litter by Romeo in April so watch for updates on her litter.   I want to thank everyone who has left post on the blog.  It’s been an interesting start to my ‘blog’ site.  I’m still trying to learn how to maneuver in the site and appreciate your patience.

One point I would like to mention because when I tired to research it online I could not find any information about it.  A few weeks ago I vaccinated my ‘junior’ breeding male, Eminem with intra-nasal kennel cough vaccine.  Three days ago he came down with kennel cough.  I looked high and low online to see if the vaccine actually gave him kennel cough and could find nothing so I consulted my veterinarian.  He said that the - Bordetella vaccine is a live modified vaccine that actually gives the dog a mild-severe case of kennel cough.  His suggestion was to use the injectable vaccine.  However, from what I can find online the injectable vaccine is not as effective as the intra-nasal vaccine.  Some breeders use both the injectable and the intra-nasal to insure the dog is protected.  I’ll do more research on the subject and revise this post.  Wishing all my readers a great day!

Welcome to Seven Cedars Yorkies New Site!

July 23rd, 2010

Welcome to Seven Cedars Yorkies new website for our Yorkshire Terriers. Please check our ‘about us’ page for a little more info about who we are and how long we’ve been breeding Yorkies. We’ve changed our look and our URL, but we’re still the same Seven Cedars we have been since 1978!

After some fits and starts and communication difficulties with busy web designers we decided the best thing to do was have a blog that we could keep up-to-date ourselves, as well as have an easier time answering your questions. Feel free to share your stories and really make this a fun and educational place to be.

Thanks for your support.