Puppies Available

 Adorable little male born July 28, 2012.  Mom is my beautiful Buttercup and dad is Champion Romeo.  Should be about 6 pounds when mature.  $800.00

Sweet male born July 24, 2012.  Mom is Holly(by Champion Romeo) and dad is Eminem.  Eminem has is sired by AKC Champion Romeo and his mother is a Canadian Champion so he has 42 Champions in five generations of his pedigree.  This puppy will be about 7 pounds when mature.  $800.00

Buttercup and Romeo’s gorgeous little girl.  She has such a ‘look at me’ attitude it’s hard to not fall in love with her.  She was born July 28, 2012 and should be about 6 pounds when mature.  Her price is $1200.00

This little dolly was born August 3, 2012 and is Sweetie Pie and Romeo’s little girl.  She is very tiny.  Her adult weight should be 3-4 pounds.  Her price is $1800.00

This pretty princess is Sweetie Pie and Romeo’s second little girl.  She was born August 3, 2012.  Her mature weight should be 4-5 pounds.  Her price is $1500.00.

This precious little beauty is Koko.  She was born October 8, 2011.  She weighs all of 3 pounds.  She has a gorgeous, long flowing coat.  Her father, Mason, is one of the very few Grand Champion male Yorkies in the US.  She’s a love.  Her price is $2500.00